by JD & the FDCs

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released September 1, 2010

Engineered and Mastered by Jason Sanderson
Produced by Jamie Delerict



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JD & the FDCs UK

JD & the FDCs are a rock n' roll band from the East Midlands in the UK featuring ex-members of Panic, Teenage Casket Company, The Dangerfields, Patchwork Grace and DIP. The band of long-time friends arrived onto the scene in August 2010 with their award winning debut record "The FDCCDEP" and have been blazing a trail up and down the country ever since with their high octane live shows. ... more

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Track Name: Never Gonna Stop
Failure and me, we kinda disagree
But I'll keep working hard and bide my time
Fate, look at me, I'm sweating kerosene
Playing like my life is on the line

So stop me if you've heard this song
Then we'll count back in and the beat goes on

NGS NGS I'm at my best when it's down to the wire
NGS NGS Set it off, throw me into the fire
NGS NGS We're kicking it baby, higher and higher
NGS NGS I'm never gonna stop

Yeah I've been betrayed, duped and truly played
But never close to running out of steam, no
Look at our tired eyes and hear our hungry hearts
Breaking rocks in the chain gang made us mean and smart
Track Name: Monsoon Is Now
I wanna break with all tradition
I wanna keep my own self warm at night
I fucked with phoney elation
But then I always seem to step into the light

My star is fading faster than icicles in the sun
Sometimes surrendering is the key to win a fight
I'll only break your heart and do your head in, that's a given
So take this poisoned mind and follow
Your innocence lost somewhere in the mire

The devils that conspired to save us
Are buried in the warm and rotten ground
Infected by the chains that bind us
Give me salty water let me drown

Take this bitter pill and swallow
Monsoon is now, I'm sleeping in the fire
Track Name: Tie Me Up (Tie Me Down)
I got a woman and she got me
She got me falling out my tree
Too fast for love and you know it's true
Step aside I'm coming through
I've seen it all I don't give a damn
Wham bam, thankyou Ma'am
You keep on knocking, but you can't come in
Born to lose, live to win

Tie me up, tie me down, turn you around
Shoot me up, shoot me down, to the ground

I got a woman and she got me
Back in black, sweet sixteen
It's so easy, I'm feeling fine
We're looking at a life of crime
That feels good, you know it's true
Come on baby, don't be cruel
Is all we see or all we seem
But a dream within a dream