Burn This City Down EP

by JD & the FDCs



After the underground success of their debut release "The FDCCDEP" in 2010, the band immediately set to work on making their debut album. By design, it has been a year long process slowly building the "Recognise" album brick by brick and incorporating many cameos from legends of the worlds of rock and punk along the way. Not wanting to end 2011 without releasing any new music, the FDCs decided that a second EP was the way to go.....

Lead track "Burn This City Down" will appear on the forthcoming debut album and sets the tone for the next stage of evolution for JD & the FDCs. Heavily calling upon punk rock influences such as Anti-Flag, Rancid and D Generation, the song has been described by many as "an anthem". We won't argue with that....

"Stupid Music Played By Idiots" is exclusive to this EP and is a song originally recorded (almost a decade ago) by JD's old punk band PANIC. The other FDCs grew up listening to this song and with updated lyrics and fresh musical take on it, the song has become somewhat of a live favourite amongst fans.

Final track "We Close Our Eyes" is also exclusive to this EP, is a Go West cover and is performed with maximum respect to the original song from 1985. In fact, it was JD's first ever 7" single! We think that this cover proves that the the FDCs are unafraid to roll the dice and take chances....


released September 1, 2011

JD & the FDCs: Jamie Delerict / Joey Strange / Dazmondo / Danny Gunn

Track 1 was recorded and mixed by Jason Sanderson in Barnsley and is taken from the forthcoming album "Recognise". (To be released in 2012....)
Tracks 2 & 3 were recorded and mixed by Mark Elmore at The Crash Factory in Nottingham old school style: TO TAPE!
All tracks mastered by Jason Sanderson in the Summer of 2011.



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JD & the FDCs UK

JD & the FDCs are a rock n' roll band from the East Midlands in the UK featuring ex-members of Panic, Teenage Casket Company, The Dangerfields, Patchwork Grace and DIP. The band of long-time friends arrived onto the scene in August 2010 with their award winning debut record "The FDCCDEP" and have been blazing a trail up and down the country ever since with their high octane live shows. ... more

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Track Name: Burn This City Down
Received my hardcore rulebook in 1991
And I flicked through the pages
But I only picked the parts that mattered
My first step on the ladder...
Bought a shit guitar and I started up a band
And we practiced real hard
And showed plenty of signs of improvement
Yeah, we were part of a movement....

Well this ain't no longer my town
Some other kid is wearing my crown
Where have all the rebels gone and where's the original sound?
So when the clock strikes 12
I'm gonna burn this city down

I made some friends for life, but many enemies
Thought I was punching above weight
But I was boxing clever
I never gave up ever
Filled with rock n' roll dreams and impossible schemes
I knew I had to get out of town
Before they got their claws in me
Like smoke up a chimney....
Track Name: Stupid Music Played By Idiots
You're an angry little child and you're artificial riled with a monkey clone to go
So much faith in your ability, put on a silly show
You've spent so much time being uptight
Why get so high if you can't feel it anymore?

Stupid music played by idiots....

Well the market's saturated and the standards have all dropped
You know it's bad for business when your sidekick is a fop
You've spent so much time being uptight
Why get so high if you can't feel it anymore?
Track Name: We Close Our Eyes
Originally performed by Go West and written by Drummie/Cox.